Attention business owners who want to eliminate the guesswork!

Done-for-you Facebook advertising services that guarantee results

or we don’t get paid

Start converting at least 20% more customers per month
and improve the quality of your leads

or your money back *

Start converting at least 20% more customers per month
and improve the quality of your leads

or your money back *

Our proven system for ensuring results

We set off with this bold offer unlike other agencies as we are confident you’ll get a good return on your investment

We have worked with more than 450 clients over 1,000 campaigns and an advertising budget of over 15 million dollars. Our skills and experience can (and will) help you succeed with your business. We have done it countless times before. That’s why we make it so easy for you to experience for yourself. 

Wondering how we guarantee results?
We’ve crafted our own,
unique psychology-marketing system that works!

Why are campaigns less effective in 2024?

n recent years, there have been significant changes in the marketing world. It takes much more to gain attention as there are more than 5 BILLION advertisers today. What used to work in the past is no longer as effective today.

Many business owners who try on their own are getting lost. They go on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, ChatGPT or the newest trend they think will bring them clients. Unsurprisingly they feel overwhelmed and bad about themselves for not doing enough. The truth is, it’s not their fault.

Guesswork won’t attract clients and advertising agencies are usually experts on the technical side but that’s not enough. A campaign and a “nice ad” alone will not guarantee results

It will attract a cold audience that you will need to persuade and sell to in order to make a sale. It’s a lot of effort for a limited return. 

Each business owner needs a sufficient system to bring a steady, predictable flow of new leads each month. What they are missing is the secret sauce: our psychology-marketing system. 

With our tailor-made strategy, there are no hard sells – prospects will want what you’re selling, helping to build a strong customer base and deliver outstanding results month on month.

Here’s what some of our clients are saying…

The moment we built a campaign with the psychology-marketing system, my lead cost was 30% lower than my previous campaigns. The campaign consistently brings clients to the clinic and my courses.

Dr. Tatiana Lagransky – German New Medicine Physician

3 months after we started working with WeggyWay

on an advertising strategy, we moved to new offices, hired 5 employees, and grew the business by 100%.

Vitrue – Building technology systems for businesses

The progress has been incredible since working with Weggyway! I went from one branch to ten branches nationwide and over 1,400 graduates in courses in less than two years is a fantastic transformation.

Yoval Bialik – “Learning to play the guitar in 5 weeks”

The team at WeggyWay are true champions – I never imagined reaching these results in my life. From my first webinar on ‘Host to Profit’ 430 people registered and 75 attended, including 10 who bought the course at $1,200 before I even shot it.

Orit Habbibi – Entrepreneur

So what do we offer?

We're gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse….

If we don’t get at least 20% more leads in the first month as we promised, we let you walk away (unharmed) without paying us a penny! 

What’s there to think about?

We bring what’s needed…. Strategists, creatives, designers, marketers, and storytellers. 

No likely:

NO set-up fees!

NO management fees!

NO copywriting fees!

NO design or development fees!

To make it a no-brainer for you

We want to make sure that we can help you receive results and that we’re a good fit.

Before you start working with us we invite you to receive a free and extensive review of your Facebook ad account.

Get a free campaign review with practical recommendations to

to immediately improve your results by 50-250%

What’s Included

We’ll delve into the intricacies of the technical setup, refine audience targeting, optimise campaign structures, fine-tune marketing strategies, scrutinise funnel effectiveness, evaluate landing page quality, and analyse historical data to discern successful strategies and areas for improvement.

You can expect:

At the end of the meeting, you'll receive a report with immediate improvement recommendations for advertising results by 50%-250%
Peace of Mind
Marketing tranquillity will allow you to manage your business with peace of mind.
We'll precisely show you what works and doesn't work in your marketing efforts—and most importantly, why.
More Money
Improving advertising will bring in more customers, enhance sales, and significantly increase ROI.

Feel free to put the recommendations outlined in the report into action on your own, share them with your advertising agency, or choose to collaborate with us.

Precision, not guesswork

Most agencies see the customer as a profile, not as a living, breathing creator. They conduct dry analysis selecting age, demographics, and the customer’s pain points. The problem is, that it creates a weak bond.


We establish deep identification by conducting behavioural analysis to understand the psychological triggers that drive them to purchase.

We use psychographics: beliefs, thoughts, and emotions that they don’t share with anyone. When they read the copy, they stop scrolling as their attention is peaked. They feel that they are being spoken to directly.


Our super-personal strategy turns strangers into clients which increases lead quality by 40%.

Messages are tailored to the client’s needs preventing unnecessary conversations with irrelevant prospects. It’s not generic writing with buzzwords and big promises. This drives immediate purchases and increased sales.


We use data marketing - marketing through science and statistics - that creates authority and trust with the client in a short time.

When exposed to the content, they will see and say to themselves, “That’s exactly what I need.” People have a great BS detector so a strong emotion is not enough; they want to justify their purchase with logic.


Once we know the numbers, it reduces uncertainty and allows for expected growth.

Many business owners have campaigns that work fine, but they offer the wrong product and don’t see profits. We don’t even consider any campaign until we see a profitable business model.

No need to work so hard and post videos on social networks every day!

Meet the squad

Our highly experienced team not only handles your campaigns but also continuously optimises them to ensure maximum leads and sales at the lowest cost possible.

As a specialised Facebook and Instagram advertising agency, we have worked with more than 450 clients over 1,000 campaigns and an advertising budget of over 15 million.

Pamela - Founder

Pamela – spent years as a consultant, working for global brands and helping some of the biggest companies in the UK to identify market opportunities and deliver high-quality services that solve real problems for customers and drive meaningful revenue.

Benny -CEO & Campaign Supervisor

Benny is an expert in digital advertising, particularly on Facebook and has been managing Facebook campaigns since 2011. He has led countless successful campaigns as well as acted as a mentor for thousands of business owners.

Hai -Business Development Manager

Hai has helped over 12,000 public speakers worldwide brand themselves as experts in their fields, and scale their businesses. He’s an author, speaker and entrepreneur. He is the author of “Top Speaker Secrets.”

Are we a match?

We’ll figure this out and more on the strategy call.

You are just one call away from dramatically changing your business.

Simply schedule a complimentary 30-minute strategy session with us via Zoom and receive a free and extensive review of your Facebook ad account with practical recommendations to immediately improve your results by 50%-250%. Risk-free.